Kangaroo Valley Model

types of models

3D Printed Masterplan Models


Looking for a unique way to present your masterplan? Why not 3D Print blocks or miniatures to overlay on your drawing to give it depth and make the scheme leap from the page!

3D Printed Concept Models


Rapid prototype your design ideas, illustrate them to your client or submit for a development application and get that project approved.

3D Printed Presentation Models


If you have a design you are proud of, a client to impress, or a property to sell, a 3D printed model in full colour and incredible detail will blow them all away.

3D Printed Details Models


If you have a larger scale part of a building you want to show off a concept for or persuade a client on, there is no easier way then using a 3D model.

Other 3D Printed Models


The great thing about 3D Printing is that it's limitless… if you can imagine and model something we can help you replicate it in physical form.

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